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Swallows Racing Stage 1 Packages for Jaguar XKR 150 5.0ltr - SR00013


All Swallows Racing products utilise over 35 years experience in motorsport and are extensively tested on and of the track to ensure the maximum performance for you car with proven results.

Our stage 1 package is the most cost effective and most noticeable improvement to your engines power with improvements to BHP, Torque and noise, this is our most popular choice.


Our Swallows Racing stage 1 package for the XKR X150 5.0ltr increases the BHP and Torque of your Jaguar while improving throttle response and mid range power.

Our Stage 1 pack consists of -

-K&N filter

The original high cotton air filter available by K&N reduces air filter restriction allowing and engine to breath easier than the factory fitted paper air filter.

-Swallows Racing developed supercharger pulley

The reduction in size of the upper supercharger pulley works on the same effect as a cycle chain pulley and by reducing the size the faster the smaller pulley spins creating more boost pressure, we have developed the optimum pulley size for the perfect road package.

-Swallows Racing Red Remap

Remapping is a software change where we modify the operating parameters in the vehicle engine ECU to unlock the full potential from the modifications fitted.

By increasing the 3 major elements of the engine (Breathing, Boost pressure,and Mapping) we can allow more fuel and air to enter the intake, this gives between 40bhp - 50bhp over standard* which transforms the car and makes for a more exciting and enjoyable drive.

*All power figures are based on previous dyno development and may vary between models, we always recommend before and after dyno runs for all packages however this is at additional cost.

Warranty Options

In order to provide continuing peace of mind and support throughout the life of your Jaguar, we offer extended warranty packages to compliment our standard 3 month mechanical warranty.

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