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Swallows Racing/ Quantum Zero. Two Way Adjustable Coilovers XKR X150 4.2 - srq008


All Swallows Racing products utilise over 35 years experience in motorsport and are extensively tested on and of the track to ensure the maximum performance for you car with proven results.

Canister shocks resist bump forces by restricting the flow of oil displaced by the shaft—in effect applying pressure to an area equal to the diameter of the shaft. Two.Zero is different, only restricting flow across the piston—which is much larger. Applying pressure to a larger area means less pressure is required. The reduced hydraulic pressure means the damper is more efficient, particularly at low speeds and when it changes direction, right where you need it the most.



Quantum Zero is a range of monotube shock absorbers. No matter which vehicle or how many ways of adjustment, every Zero shock absorber shares the same basic architecture and many of the same components.

Throwing Shapes

A range of pistons allow the shape of the damping curve to be easily tuned. Linear. Digressive. Find your winning formula.

Infinitely Adjustable

Zero shock absorbers are available with up to two ways of external damping adjustment—and all can be opened by a competent individual and re-valved or re-jetted internally.

Gas Pressurised

Zero shock absorbers are gas pressurized. The gas and oil are kept separate using a floating piston. This ensures consistent performance with the shock absorber in any orientation.


Low-speed bleed, independently adjustable in compression and rebound.


Independently adjustable compression and rebound shim stacks.

Piston Linear and digressive variants available.

Warranty Options

In order to provide continuing peace of mind and support throughout the life of your Jaguar, we offer extended warranty packages to compliment our standard 3 month mechanical warranty.

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