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Swallows Racing Performance 4.0 V8 Charger Lower Pulley - sra0042


All Swallows Racing products utilise over 35 years experience in motorsport and are extensively tested on and of the track to ensure the maximum performance for you car with proven results.

Swallows Racing 16% lower supercharger pulley is the perfect improvement to your 4.2 supercharged format jag, by reducing the size of the pulley you are increasing the speed of the supercharger which translates more BHP and torque.
For the ultimate performance couple this with our SR remap.
Price including fitting is £599,00, please contact for booking.


Fitment requires removal of the old pulley and modification which needs to be done here at swallows and coupled with our performance remaps will show a dramatic increase in throttle response, torque and BHP

Price includes Fitment.

X1 Supercharger pulley

Total price fitted by Swallows Racing is from £599.99

Please call us for individual quotes

Warranty Options

In order to provide continuing peace of mind and support throughout the life of your Jaguar, we offer extended warranty packages to compliment our standard 3 month mechanical warranty.

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