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Nuke Performance Blowoff Valve 50 mm for use with silicon hose - 900-01-201


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All Swallows Racing products utilise over 35 years experience in motorsport and are extensively tested on and of the track to ensure the maximum performance for you car with proven results.

For use on turbo-charged and super-charged applications.

It features a large 50 mm valve; we believe this is the largest valve available with the highest flow capacity.


The design and finish gives a very clean and unique appearance. The Blow Off Valve is anodised for a long lasting, corrosion-free appearance.

Designed and manufactured to handle extreme amounts of power with the same hallmark as all of Nuke Performance products.

The Blow Off Valve comes with one air fitting, with over sized 1/4 connection for quick and actuator response.

The Blowoff Valve and housing are available in black color.

This setup is designed to be used with silicon hose connection. Also available with V-Band connection.

Delivered with Blue Spring:
0,35 - 0,50 bar | 5,07 - 7,25 psi 

Engine Vacuum Reading / Colour

 Between : 

1 0,50 - 0,75 bar 7,25 - 10,9 psi  Black

2 0,35 - 0,50 bar 5,07 - 7,25 psi Blue

3 0,00 - 0,35 bar 0,00 - 5,07 psi White

** Measure engine vacuum at idle.

(engine at operating temperature) 

Warranty Options

In order to provide continuing peace of mind and support throughout the life of your Jaguar, we offer extended warranty packages to compliment our standard 3 month mechanical warranty.

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