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Emerald K6 Stand Alone ECU - SREM001


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All Swallows Racing products utilise over 35 years experience in motorsport and are extensively tested on and of the track to ensure the maximum performance for you car with proven results.

Emerald engine management system is an aftermarket standalone ECU that is capable of handling full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on most normally aspirated and turbo engines – from classics through to the latest engine designs.


The K6 ECU - Generic, is supplied with 26 Base maps and 26 ECU configurations to suit the most common engine arrangements.  All Generic K6 ECUs are supplied with a pre-installed base map suitable for a normally aspirated, conventional 4 cylinder 16v engines fitted with port throttles and producing circa 200 bhp.

The additional Base maps and ECU configurations provided are intended to provide a starting point for setting up the K6 ECU for your specific engine and modification to both the Base map and ECU configuration will be required in all cases.  Once up and running, full mapping on a Rolling Road is highly recommended.

A User Manual, dedicated "ECU Configuration guide" and  "Quick start guide" are all supplied in pdf form along with our latest PC software.  To see the Base maps & ECU configurations included with a Generic K6 ECU please click to enlarge the picture above.

The initial configuration and setup of the K6 ECU, although not complicated, does require a certain level of understanding to complete successfully, and can be made all the more daunting if the engine in question is something a little out of the ordinary.  For cases such as these, or if you would just prefer it, please select "Emerald K6 ECU - Pre-configured" and the configuration and setup of the K6 ECU will be done for you.

K6 Generic ECUs include the following:

  • K6 Generic ECU 
  • Serial Comms lead 
  • Software CD
  • ECU 36-way connector, inc pins and seals

Warranty Options

In order to provide continuing peace of mind and support throughout the life of your Jaguar, we offer extended warranty packages to compliment our standard 3 month mechanical warranty.

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