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Read about how our family has a rich history with the Jaguar brand and discover how we can help you.


At Swallows Independent Jaguar Specialists, we continue the traditions and ethos of Jaguar motor cars. We add further elements of expertise and exceptional services.

The prestige of Jaguar motor cars is world renowned. From the earliest days of motoring, through the iconic eras of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, the heady days of the 80s and 90s through to the ground-breaking and cutting edge technologies of today, Jaguar have been at the leading edge of the automotive industry. At Swallows Independent Jaguar Specialists, we continue the traditions and ethos of Jaguar motor cars and add further elements of expertise and exceptional service.

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Swallows Jaguar specialists stems from a blend of family influences and engineering expertise spanning 3 generations. Gary Robinson, founder began Swallows in 1985 after completing a five year apprenticeship specialising in both vintage and modern Jaguar automobiles. With his grandfather Thomas Robinson, an aviation engineer who worked through the ranks to become head engineer of De Havilland and his Father Pete Robinson, a Master Gunsmith with a passion for all things Motorsport; it’s easy to see where Gary’s love for all things automotive comes from. The company HQ began life in Ruislip, Middlesex but with a young family on the way Gary and Swallows moved to our Acacia Farm premises, which has been home for the last 20 years. Now this enthusiasm has spread to Gary’s two son Tom and Jack and along with it the passion that began our story 35 years ago. With a family tree populated by engineers on both sides, it’s easy to see why we here at Swallows are so passionate about the work we do.


Swallows Independent Jaguar Specialist do anything and everything Jaguar, its in our blood. Below is a list of some of the services we have to offer, including general maintenance and performance upgrades.


We strongly believe that "team work makes dream work" why not meet the passionate skilled individuals that makes us who we are.


Below is a variety of companies that help us do what we do at Swallows Independent Jaguar Specialist.

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